New Orleans Adventist Academy (NOAA)

June- July  2009
Principal’s Corner
With God’s blessing and the work of teachers and volunteers, our summer school was both challenging and fun for the students. The children had the opportunity to learn new skills while polishing some of their old ones.
The teachers from Catapult Learning made a remarkable contribution to our program. Barbara Shelby conducted workshops for the parents on strategies to help their children with homework. and how to succeed academically.  The children received a Hooked-on-Phonics development package. Ethel Wolff and her assistant, Kiana Remble, worked with the students daily on Math and Reading.
The students completed 30 hours of study in Math and Reading. They are receiving a laptop computer for them to take home and complete an additional 30 hours of Math and Reading studies. When they complete all 60 hours of work, they will be granted ownership of that computer at no additional charge.
Our volunteers, Sam Galatas and Mireya Fuertes conducted computer classes where the students dove into word processing, photo editing and presentations. The students used the learned skills to prepare a presentation about a Bible character of their choice.
Mrs. Fuertes’ music class this summer concentrated on playing the Soprano and Alto Recorders, while Mrs. Martin exercised the student’s artistic talents in a variety of art projects and continued the students’ training in Spanish.
I extend my warmest appreciation for a job well done to everyone who contributed to the success of our Summer Enrichment Program.
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